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FANTASY BOYS announces the release of its third mini-album for the beginning of May!

While only a few months ago FANTASY BOYS released its second mini album, the group announces its next comeback!

Groupe sud coréen Fantasy Boys

It is in 2023 that MBC decides to create a new survival show. Its goal ? Among fifty-three participants, the twelve finalists will become members of a new group, called FANTASY BOYS. This saw the light of day and officially began in September of that same year. A second mini-album, entitled “Potential”, will then very quickly see the light of day.

In the same continuity and in order to meet its fans, FANTASY BOYS has just held its first fan concert on April 6. A moment of fulfillment for the group which takes advantage of its good debut to announce its next comeback.

Indeed, scheduled for May 2, this new opus will be the group's third mini-album. It will be called "MAKE SUNSHINE", and will contain no less than four tracks, including one acoustic. The concept photos are revealed little by little and suggest a summer atmosphere, like the omnipresent blue on the promotional elements.

MAKE SUNSHINE” by FANTASY BOYS is already available for pre-order on AsianSoundConcept :

Jaquette comeback Fantasy Boys

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