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Four releases and one concert for OHL!

The independent group, OHL, announces no less than four consecutive releases, including a mini-album, as well as a first concert!

Launched on March 01, 2022 with the title "Love Forever", which has more than 133,000 views on YouTube, OHL is a Japanese group of seven members, who have come to revolutionize Japanese pop! On pieces mixing pop sounds and hard-hitting rap lines, the band deals with all the themes, based on personal experiences. From melancholy songs like "Love Forever" to a dark universe with "Red Dragon", OHL shows a double personality allowing it to enlarge its audience.

Today, the seven members are back with a more than busy program for the next few weeks! Indeed, OHL has just announced the release of three new singles over three consecutive weeks.

Jaquette single

The first, "Periodt", will be released on August 22, bringing a conclusion to the previous track, "Addictive Luv". It addresses the internal battle waged by the protagonist who wants to get out of an addictive relationship.

Jaquette single

SENSUAL” will be the second release, scheduled for August 29th. In a more R'n'B register, this piece will address the moments of doubts and emotions felt during a rapprochement between two people.

Jaquette single

Finally, the third single will be called "Change Ma Life", and, as its name suggests, will allow the members to free themselves from a past to create their own future...

Change Ma Life” is slated for release on September 3, when the mini album “PEACE ONE” will also be released. This day will end with a first one-man live as an independant band: "OHL 3rd ONEMAN LIVE "THE PIECE 1"" which will be held at Daikanyama UNIT (Tokyo). The group will then hit the road to participate in the "SWISH TOUR 2023 ~autumn edition~", which will be held on September 09 in Hamamatsu and on September 10 in Kashiwa.

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