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ITZY wants to be untouchable with its new album!

With an unprecedented promotional campaign, ITZY announces the color of its comeback scheduled for January 8!

groupe sud coréen itzy

A few weeks ago, ITZY announced their next comeback! This new album, entitled "BORN TO BE" will be officially distributed from January 8. It should contain around ten tracks and will be carried by the title song, “UNTOUCHABLE”.

ITZY's last albums seemed not to have completely convinced fans. Enough to challenge the group and its teams who are offering a rich promotional campaign! Enough to increase the impatience of the fans! In addition to the promotional planning and the various concept photos, a total of six MVs, not counting that of "UNTOUCHABLE", will be revealed during the promotion phase. Five of them are already available, including the eponymous title, “BORN TO BE”.

The other four MVs give pride of place to the personal qualities of the members since they are the clips of the solo titles which were shared. On December 20, "Crown On My Head" by YEJI was released, followed by "Run Away" by RYUJIN on the 22nd, then "Mine" by CHAERYON and finally, "Yet, but" by YUNA. A promotion that may portend solo debuts for the members of ITZY! These different releases will be completed by the music video for "Mr Vampire" available from January 2, and finally that of "UNTOUCHABLE", on January 8!

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