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ITZY is making its comeback at the end of July!

ITZY is making a comeback on July 31 with a new album titled "Kill my doubt".

In November 2022, just four months after their last comeback, ITZY unveiled iits brand new mini-album featuring four songs including the title track “Cheshire”, which currently has more than 130 million views on YouTube.

It is thus seven months later that the group has just announced its return with a sixth mini album entitled “Kill my doubt” which is composed of six songs, three of which will have their own MV! Indeed, the music videos for “Bet on me” and “None of My Business” will be released on July 3 and 24 respectively.

It is therefore on July 31 that ITZY will make its comeback with the release of this new opus and the MV of the title track which will bear the name “Cake”.

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