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IVE announces its grand return !

IVE, the female K-pop group formed in December 2021 under Starship Entertainment, known for its catchy songs and message of self-love, quickly captivating a wide audience, is back after six months with exciting announcements!

Groupe sud coréen féminin IVE

In the past, IVE had already made its mark with the release of its full album "I've IVE" in April 2023. This album, which includes eleven tracks, including the pre-release single, "Kitsch", and the title track, "I am," achieved resounding commercial success. In early September, IVE announced their highly anticipated return. The group officially unveiled their plans for their October comeback, during which they will return with their very first EP titled "I'VE MINE." IVE also revealed that they will release three songs from this EP as pre-releases on different dates. The first track, "Either Way," will be available on September 25, followed by "Off the Record" on October 6, and then "Baddie" on October 13. Fans have already had a sneak peek at these tracks through the "COMING SOON" posters shared by the group.

affiches promotionnelles groupe sud coréen IVE

affiche tournée mondiale groupe sud coréen IVE

The surprises don't end there, as IVE announced their very first world tour titled "Show What I Have" last August. The first date of this tour will take place at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on October 7. Fans from around the world may have the chance to see IVE perform these new songs from their new album live during this historic tour! And for those who can't attend in person, here's excellent news: The first concert will also be livestreamed on Beyond LIVE.

IVE's comeback with "I'VE MINE" is highly anticipated by the group's fans. With their previous successes and their first world tour, IVE is determined to give us an unforgettable end to 2023!

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