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Koda Kumi is preparing her next full album, the first in two years!

Two years after the release of "heart", in March 2022, Koda Kumi is preparing his next opus, which is scheduled to be released in April!

chanteuse japonaise Koda Kumi

Two years after the production of "heart" and a few days after the release of her latest digital single, "Silence", Japanese singer Koda Kumi announces the release of her nineteenth full album!

Koda Kumi celebrated her twenty-third career anniversary on December 6, the same day as the release of her first single, "Take Back", at the end of 2000. Since that date, the singer has released two singles digital: “Vroom” on December 20 and “Silence”, on February 14. These two pieces will also be present on his new album!

The latter, entitled “UNICORN”, will be officially released on April 17. The exact number of songs present has not yet been communicated but it seems that Kamen Rider fans will find the original soundtracks created by Koda Kumi. New songs are also planned. A great promise which demonstrates that despite the years, Koda Kumi has been able to reinvent itself and develop to remain this Japanese icon!

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