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New digital single for ORANGE RANGE!

ORANGE RANGE announces the upcoming release of a new digital single!

groupe japonais ORANGE RANGE

More than four months after the release of “Specter”, a digital single released on October 7, the quintet ORANGE RANGE announces a new exclusive song!

Entitled “Zombie”, it will be released in digital format on February 22 and will be accompanied by a new version of “Specter”. Indeed, according to the explanations, two pieces form a single entity which has been divided in two.

Also note that the release date of "Zombie", February 22, marks the anniversary of ORANGE RANGE's indie debut. Indeed, the group started independently with the album "Orange Ball" before being spotted by major labels. Following this, the quintet was able to distinguish itself and conquer the hearts of Japanese fans, through numerous TV appearances or in advertising spots, but also foreign ones by signing the third ending of Naruto, "Viva★Rock" or the first opening of Bleach, "Asterisk". Since the COVID-19 crisis, ORANGE RANGE has been more discreet about physical achievements, its last single dating back to 2017... Its last physical album, "Double Circle", was released in 2022... A good omen for the year 2024 which will perhaps welcome the next ORANGE RANGE album!

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