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NoGoD begins 2024 with a new album!

Approaching its twenty-year career, NoGoD announces the upcoming release of a new album!

groupe japonais NoGoD

Formed in 2005, the group NoGoD today consists of five members: DANCHOU, SHINNO, K, HIBIKI and Iyoda Kohei. For 19 years, the group has occupied the visual kei scene, both Japanese and foreign, evolving over the times both musically and in its line-up. Indeed, HIBIKI and Iyoda Kohei are the last to have joined NoGoD in 2022. DANCHOU remains, today, the last founding member present.

On February 26, NoGoD announced on its social networks the upcoming release of its new album, entitled “OMNIBUS”. With a total of eight songs, this new opus will be released on April 10.

Apart from the announcement photo posted on its networks, the group leaves no clue to its fans, leaving them in complete limbo until the official release of the album.

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