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SiM rises to the challenge of its first French performance with flying colors!

For its first visit to Paris, and to France, the group SiM played it safe, performing to a sold-out crowd at Backstage By The Mill . A memorable performance that the group promises not to forget when it returns at the end of the year...

Japanese group SiM

Tickets sold out in less than 24 hours! Since the end of 2023, Japanese metal fans and anime fans have been boiling with impatience to finally be able to applaud the four artists who make up the group Silence iz Mine , better known by the abbreviation SiM . Evolving on the Japanese scene for almost twenty years, the group until then avoided the international market. After a disappointing first experience in 2015 in the USA, SiM made the decision to focus on Japanese fans, to the great misfortune of European fans. A change of label, a credits that is worth gold and a few years later, the quartet is now heavily armed to conquer the world. As if he had to cross a wall, presumed insurmountable, to be able to sweep over the world!

MAH singer of the Japanese group SiM
© Gaëlle PONS for KARAOME

After a double English test last spring with a performance on the stage of the Download Festival as well as a first headlining concert, SiM launched an attack on the whole of Europe with a first tour. With an impressive number of performances, this European tour concluded with two particularly anticipated concerts: the final which took place in Germany, but also the penultimate, planned in Paris at Backstage By The Mill .


Initially scheduled for 8:00 p.m., the concert was a good hour late. The fans, far from being cooled by the wait – an hour more or less – take the opportunity to rob the goodie stand and chat, beer in hand. SiM 's global success is largely explained by its participation in the anime Shingeki No Kyojin . By signing the title “ The Rumbling ”, the quartet opened the doors to an even wider market than that of Japanese metal fans: that of anime fans! A deserved springboard which could have frightened the pioneers. What if the public reduced SiM 's performance to two tracks?


The opposite of this possibility, the public awaiting SiM is both united and diverse. The pioneers, fans of Japanese metal, are in the front row. Fans of the anime are also present, eager to discover the entirety of the quartet's work, and curious people who have already hummed a few notes are also invited. A diverse audience to the delight of the group who takes the stage to loud cheers. The evening can begin!


In a silence tinged with impatience, the first notes of “ UNDER THE TREE ” resonate! The well-known melody acts like an electric shock on the crowd who instinctively take up the words. In the process and as if to present his latest album, “ PLAYDEAD ”, SiM continues with the titles, “ PLAYDEAD ”, “ HiDE and SEEK ” and “ KISS OF DEATH ”. A current introduction to the group's image: a rock metal sound, notes of ska and reggae, although less dirty than in its younger years. A possible consequence of its change of label and its international opening. The group's markers are nevertheless still present: the alternation between clean singing and MAH 's growls, the work done on rhythm and silences... Like any group, SiM evolves with the times!


The second part of the concert is a journey into the beginnings of the formation. It begins with the legendary “ Devil In Your Heart ” (2020) and “ Blah Blah Blah ” (2013) with heady and catchy choruses. The crowd is having a blast, jumping, singing, going wild after too many years of waiting for this moment. Time continues to go back with “ GUNSHOTS ” (2014) and its electro reggae punk atmosphere. Some fans, the youngest, take a few seconds to absorb the change in style but quickly return to the rhythm of the evening. The clever mix that SiM performs works despite its new notoriety and its expanded audience. We continue with “ BASEBALL BAT ”, and the arrival of a real baseball bat, and “ WHO'S NEXT ” before going back to SiM 's first full album, released in… 2008! “ TxHxC ”, aged 16, everyone agrees, proving that she has not aged a bit despite the years.

After an involuntary pause of a few minutes due to a power outage, and a proper introduction, SiM brings together old and young alike with “ The Rumbling ”, particularly anticipated this evening. United under the same standard, the fists are placed on the heart, symbol of Shingeki no Kyojin , when the words are repeated in one voice. A particularly strong moment of communion which proves that despite its evolution, Silence iz Mine has found the perfect mix to bring together pioneers and newcomers alike, for a solid community which will allow it to return. Boosted by the previous performance, SiM concludes with “ RED ” and “ DO THE DANCE ”, both from the “ PLAYDEAD ” album.


Far from being satisfied with these twelve songs, the crowd asks for more! With its capacity of 350 people, Backstage By The Mill represents a gathering place and is synonymous with an intimate concert. A room suitable for this first meeting, nine years after a disappointing first international experience for Silence iz Mine , who also takes the time to chat before starting his encore. A symbolic speech, in which, humbly, MAH wants to be grateful to all the people present that evening. Without this first step, SiM would not be able to announce that his objective is to perform on the stages of Hellfest , but also that he will be back at the end of the year for a new European tour!


News that resonates like a call! A perfect introduction to the penultimate song of the evening: “ KiLLING ME ”. Made in 2011, it was just as anticipated as “ The Rumbling ”. Monument, just like “ Blah Blah Blah ” or “ Devil In Your Heart ”, this song is known to everyone. The pit goes wild, the pogos resume when the headbangs unscrew several necks. “ faith ” concludes this energetic performance, and signs the promise of a rapid return of SiM !

MAH singer of the Japanese group SiM
© Gaëlle PONS for KARAOME

For years, many people have been waiting tirelessly for the arrival of SiM on our old continent. These fans, from the very beginning, who always knew that the group had the potential to succeed internationally. A faith and trust far greater than the group had for itself. However, despite this expectation, this first meeting seemed obvious. A performance in front of a small audience promising for the future of the group on the international market. His return to the European stages at the end of the year should once again bring together crowds. Many of them failed to obtain a ticket for the evening of February 23. An advice ? Don't miss out on speed at the end of the year, the return of Silence iz Mine this winter should once again be sold out!


The entire KARAOME team wanted to thank SiM , its management as well as KINDA Agency .

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