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STAYC's first European tour!

The young band from High Up Entertainment, STAYC, is embarking on its first European tour before spring!

Groupe sud coréen STAYC comeback TEENFRESH

After blowing out the candles of its third career anniversary last November, still riding on the success generated by "TEENFRESH", its latest mini-album released in August, STAYC has just announced its first European tour!

Surprise at the start of the year, this tour will begin with a date in Taipei and end in Warsaw. In the meantime, STAYC will have the chance to perform in London, Berlin but also Paris. For this stopover, see you on March 5th!

For the moment, the organizer, MagicSound Kpop, has not yet communicated on the rooms or the terms of the tickets. More information to come!

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