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STAYC back soon!

STAYC will make its comeback on August 16 with the release of a new album.

In February 2023, STAYC released its 4th album, “Teddy Bear”. A few months later, the group of six girls had organized a fan meeting, “SWITH Gelato Factory”, over several days in South Korea. They have been able to represent themselves as one of the best female groups of the 4th generation by dominating various rankings but also musical broadcasts.

This is how their agency HIGH UP ENTERTAINMENT confirms a comeback for the sextet by declaring to EDaily: “STAYC is preparing with the aim of releasing an album on August 16th”.

STAYC keeps getting better with each album with always the representation of the group's only color called "Teen Fresh".

At the moment we have no information regarding the title and the next release.

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