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TEN (NCT U / WayV) announces his first mini-album!

While “Golden Age”, NCT U’s fourth album, was released last August, today the member TEN is announcing his first mini album.

TEN, chanteur du groupe sud coréen NCT

It was at the age of 15, in 2013, that TEN auditioned during the SM Global Audition in Bangkok to join, in 2014, NCT and the unit NCT U with a first single "The 7th Sense". Some time later, in 2018, he will join several singers such as Taemin, BaeLucaskhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Mark and for the creation of a “Kpop supergroup” created by SM Entertainment: SuperM.

In 2017, TEN launched his solo career with the title "Dream in a Dream". His latest opus, titled “Birthday”, was released in 2022. Two years later, the singer finally announced his solo comeback.

In fact, it has been a week since the first teasers were published. It's official: TEN is releasing its first mini-album, simply titled "TEN". A teaser has just been revealed.

This opus is available for pre-order in two different editions, each accompanied by a photobook.

Visit AsianSoundConcept to reserve your copy!

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