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The joyful cacophony of MCND!

The MCND concert in Paris on January 23, entitled "ODD VENTURE - MCND TOUR IN EUROPE", was an explosion of energy and talent in a room with an intimate atmosphere.

MCND tournée européenne "ODD VENTURE"

With no crash barrier for unparalleled proximity for fans, the room, almost sold out with its capacity of 600 people, creates an electric atmosphere from the start of the show. Only ten minutes late, the concert begins explosively with two opening songs, highlighting the band's dynamism.

After a brief break to present itself in French, MCND resumes with vigor. This stage marks the band's second visit to Paris and their third date on this new tour, highlighting their growing popularity. In order to facilitate communication, the organizer brought in a translator whose efficiency and precision in his interventions will be highlighted. This bridge between artists and fans is sometimes neglected by the organizers, the attention given that evening is worth highlighting!

The concert continues with powerful tracks like "Crush" and "Pop Star", keeping the flow and energy at the highest level! Interactions with the public are intended to be intense. The crowd, responsive and noisy, is a perfect reflection of the enthusiasm of the five artists. After a quieter interlude, MCND returns with a more sedate but equally captivating title. Despite a few static moments, the atmosphere remains electric, with vibrant bass and stylish and mastered choreography.

A video break and an outfit change precede MCND's return to the stage accompanied by a more serious and rap sound. The impressive flow and dynamic choreography captivate the audience, duplicating the explosive atmosphere since the start of the evening. Interaction breaks add a touch of joyful chaos to the concert, reinforcing the bond between the band members and their fans.

Overall, the experience was remarkable, with brilliant management of lights, music, performances and interactions.

MCND once again proved its talent and charisma on stage, justifying its success at the Palais de Tokyo during its first visit to France in 2022. The concert ended with as much energy as at its beginning, leaving the audience delighted and wanting more.

More than some were able to obtain by traveling an additional 450 km to get to Lyon the next day! Indeed, Envol Prod and MCND will have made a bet opposite to their colleagues in the field by organizing not a single French date, but two with a visit to Lyon, to La Rayonne. A second evening just as joyful and explosive as the first which allowed fans furthest from the capital to come and applaud MCND. A remarkable attention when we know the price of South/North travel during the school term for students and/or high school students. MCND will therefore have, through two evenings, brought together the majority of its fans and allowed everyone to experience a great adventure for a few hours!

groupe sud coréen MCND

The entire KARAOME team wanted to thank MCND and Envol Prod for making this article possible.

© Photo Credits: Gaëlle PONS for KARAOME & MCND

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