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TVXQ celebrates its 20th anniversary with a comeback !

TVXQ, the group affiliated with SM Entertainment, is commemorating two decades of their career with an unforgettable return.


Having made their debut in December 2003, the group will reach their twentieth anniversary on December 26th. To mark this significant moment, TVXQ expresses gratitude to the devoted fans who have supported them over the years by presenting a ninth full-length album.

This album is all the more anticipated as it has been five years since the group's last release! Titled "20&2", the album carries the dual meaning of the 20th anniversary and emphasizes the presence of the two members, Yunho and Changmin, who have shared numerous experiences since the group's inception.

image teaser comeback TVXQ

In anticipation of their highly awaited comeback, TVXQ also unveiled a teaser image adorned with the Cassiopeia constellation, the emblem of their loyal fan club. This teaser image only amplifies the excitement surrounding their return to the music scene.

With thoughtful reflection on the two decades gone by and a gaze toward the promising future, TVXQ prepares for this musical comeback, marking an exceptional milestone in their journey.

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