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U-KNOW (TVXQ) will be back soon!

U-KNOW (TVXQ) will be making his comeback on August 7th with a new album titled “Reality Show”!

In 2019, U-KNOW released his 1st mini-album named “True Colors”, then in 2021 they came back with their second mini-album titled “Noir”.

This is how, after two years and seven months, U-KNOW is back with a 3rd mini-album called “Reality show” which will be released on August 7th. It should be noted that he proposed various ideas and also actively participated in the production process of it.

On the other hand, his agency stated, "U-KNOW showcases well-made music with heartfelt messages and unparalleled performances through its mini albums, 'True Colors' and 'Black', topping various charts and demonstrating the appearance of a top notch solo artist.

Namely, U-KNOW's third mini-album, "Reality Show", will be released in physical form on August 7th and there are three versions available to order.

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