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xikers conquers Europe!

After two trial runs in Madrid and London, as well as a successful first American tour, xikers announces its upcoming debut in Europe!

affiche tournée européenne xikers

Less than a year after their official debut, the xikers group continues its ascent by revealing its first European tour, just a month after concluding a North American tour!

It's worth mentioning that xikers is going the extra mile to stand out in the international market! In just ten months of their career, the group has already had the opportunity to perform at several major events such as KCON Los Angeles, the KPOP LUX Festival in Madrid, and more recently, KOREA ON STAGE in London. This exposure has allowed them to assess their global impact. The well-deserved success was predictable given the reception of the group's first EP, "HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorbell Ringing", which made its mark in several Billboard charts.

Following a successful North American tour, which concluded on November 4th with over 10,000 tickets sold, xikers now sets its sights on Europe, announcing no less than seven concerts! This tour will commence on January 28th in London and conclude on February 10th in Paris. The group will perform at the Elysée Montmartre, a venue located in the 18th arrondissement known for its remarkable architecture.

Ticket sales start on December 18th!

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