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YooA (OH MY GIRL) announces the release of her first single album!

While OH MY GIRL released her ninth mini album last summer, it's YooA's turn to announce her next solo comeback!

membre YooA groupe OH MY GIRL

OH MY GIRL debuted on April 20, 2015, with a first self-titled mini album "Oh My Girl" and initially composed of eight members. The group now only has six singers. YooA is one of the main singers and dancers of the group. As the group celebrates its nine-year career, YooA announces the release of a new opus.

Entitled “BORDERLINE”, this first single album is the young woman’s first solo opus. Its release is scheduled for March 14. You can already discover the concept photos as well as the first teasers on the official OH MY GIRL account. Note that on March 11, a medley of the three titles present in this single album will be released, including “Rooftop” which is the title song.

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