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A first comeback with six for OH MY GIRL!

OH MY GIRL will make its full comeback on July 24 with a ninth mini-album, “Golden Hourglass”.

Last April, for its eighth anniversary, OH MY GIRL released a surprise single called “Miracle” in which the six members participated in writing the lyrics. In this music, the young women have expressed their gratitude and their love for their fandom named “Miracle” which has supported them for the past eight years.

It is therefore three months after the release of this gift for its fans that the group will make its comeback with a ninth mini album, “Golden Hourglass”. It will thus be the first six-member release since Jiho's departure in 2022. The album will feature six songs including the single "Miracle" and the title track "Summer Comes".

The MV of the title will be revealed the same day as the release of the mini-album, on July 24th.

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