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New expedition for MCND!

After its world tour at the beginning of this year, MCND announces the release of its sixth mini-album for mid-May!

Groupe sud coréen MCND

After the release of its fifth mini-album entitled “ODD-VENTURE” in November 2023 and its world tour until February 2024, MCND makes its return with the announcement of its new comeback.

Indeed, at the end of last April MCND announced the upcoming release of its new opus "X10". Following an artistic direction similar to its previous comeback, this new mini-album remains consistent in terms of the visual of the new opus, illustrating a universe of adventure and exploration, featuring Castle J, Win, Bic, Minjae and Huijin as than adventurers.

Having been active for four years now, the group continues to delight its fans around the world, allowing it to reach new levels in the music industry. MCND then leaves a little less than two weeks for its fans to imagine the content of the future comeback as well as to pre-order the different editions available in particular on our shop!

Jaquette comeback MCND

Jaquette comeback MCND

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