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A fourth single announced for TRI.BE!

After the release of a special opus for the end-of-year holidays, entitled "The little Drummer girls", TRI.BE announces a fourth single!

Groupe sud coréen TRI.BE

TRI.BE is a girl band that debuted in 2021 and includes seven members. A first opus was released the same year entitled “ Da Loca”. During 2023, after numerous outings, member Jinha announces that she is leaving the band for health reasons.

Now with six members, TRI.BE announces the release of a new opus. This one is titled “Diamond” and will be the band’s fourth single album. The release is scheduled for February 20. It will be composed of two pieces: the eponymous song and the title “Run”. You can already find the promotional schedule with the publication date of a teaser for February 15. Also this new opus will be available in several including the NEMOZ Album Max Version.

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