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ALL(H)OURS: the first boysband of Eden Entertainment!

Eden Entertainment is launching its first boy group, ALL(H)OURS, whose official debut is scheduled for January 10!

Groupe sud coréen ALL(H)OURS

Young South Korean label, Eden Entertainment is expanding into the music industry market. Already representing singer BAEK A YEON, the label announced last year, in early November, the upcoming debut of its first boy group. It was on December 18, through a first teaser, that the announcement became official: ALL(H)OURS will begin in January 2024!

Far from a simple group presentation, this first teaser introduces the announcement of the release of ALL(H)OURS' first mini-album. During the few seconds of the video, the viewer discovers a dark universe, close to a "bad boy" atmosphere, all accompanied by a catchy electro-rock melody and snippets of lyrics, which will surely be heady.

This first opus, entitled “ALL OURS”, will be officially released on January 10. It consists of five tracks including the eponymous track, and will be carried by the main song "으랏차차 (GOTCHA)" whose MV will be released the same day. In the meantime, fans of the young group have already had the opportunity to discover three concept photos, placing the seven members of ALL(H)OURS in different atmospheres, as well as a medley of the opus and individual teasers.

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