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ATBO is back in force with “Must Have”!

ATBO, acronym for “At The Beginning of Originality”, the group of seven members under the aegis of the agency IST Entertainment, is returning for the month of November.

groupe sud coréen ATBO

Since its debut in July 2022, ATBO has made numerous releases, including three mini albums titled: "The Beginning: 開花", "The Beginning: 始作", and finally, "The Beginning: 飛上". A series of mini-albums that took fans on their adventure.

At the beginning of November, the long-awaited announcement was made: the group is ready to unveil a new opus with their next single album, "Must Have". Promotion for this album began immediately after the announcement, leaving fans in suspense with concept photos of the group and individual shots that reveal a seasonal, wintery theme.

The MV for the title track, “Must Have Love” was released yesterday and you can check it out below:

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