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B1A4 returns with “CONNECT” after more than two years of absence!

Two years and two months after the release of their digital single, “거대한 말(Adore you)”, the trio B1A4 returns with their 8th mini-album!

Groupe sud coréen B1A4

2024 will mark the return of the B1A4 trio to the forefront of the musical scene! After more than two years of absence, the group returns with the release of its eighth mini-album. Entitled “CONNECT”, it will be available on all streaming platforms from January 8.

This new opus will be composed of five tracks including the main song, “REWIND”. In view of the first concept photos revealed around the themes "Dreamlike" (dreamlike) and "Continue", this album will reflect an atmosphere that is both retro and sensual.

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