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Heize makes her comeback with "Last Winter"!

Heize, the solo artist, singer, and rapper under the PNation agency, is making waves with her upcoming winter comeback.

comeback chanteuse sud coréenne Heize

This year, Heize has already delighted his fans with a digital single in April entitled “BINBLE BINGLE”. She took advantage of this outing to promise a potential comeback to these fans.

A few months later, in November, the P Nation agency finally revealed the long-awaited return of Heize for this winter! His 8th mini-album, “Last Winter”, was released on December 7.

The trailer videos, published on YouTube a few weeks earlier, already offered an overview of the theme of this new release: calm, solitude and sensitivity. The wait, seven months, was particularly long for fans.

As the first chills of winter set in, Heize has made it its mission to warm hearts with this new album.

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