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ITZY announces its third Japanese comeback!

While ITZY will still be on the road for its world tour, the band is announcing a third Japanese single for the month of May!

South Korean group ITZY

The ITZY group no longer needs to be introduced, especially since you have probably bought your ticket to attend the concert that the young women will give on April 26 at the Zénith in Paris. Concert which will be sold out! Although the band is currently on tour, ITZY still recently announced a new Japanese comeback.

Algorhythm”, the group’s third Japanese single, will be released on May 25. You can already find the individual concept photos of the members of ITZY. The tracklist has also been shared: this opus will contain two new songs, the title song and “No Biggie”. The two pieces will also be present in their instrumental form. Please note that this single will be available in three different versions including a “MIDZY JAPAN Edition ”!

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