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IU announces a digital single as well as a world tour!

After a year 2023 during which IU was discreet about her musical releases, 2024 changes tone with several productions and a world tour!

chanteuse sud coréenne IU

His last musical release dates back to March 2022 with his appearance on the track “GANADARA” by rapper Jay Park. In addition to the collaborations made in 2022, IU released her latest album, "Pieces", on December 29, 2021, two months after the production of the digital single, "Strawberry Moon".

It seems that the singer is taking the same promotional path this year! Indeed, IU has just announced the release of a pre-release single for January 24. Entitled “Love wins all”, this opus will be distributed only in digital form. And although no album has yet been announced, the fact that this release is presented as a "pre-release" sows the first doubts.

Furthermore, IU has also just created a surprise by revealing the dates of her world tour! Titled "2024 IU H.E.R WORLD TOUR", this tour will begin in Seoul in March with four concerts, and end in August with a performance in Los Angeles. Two dates are planned in Europe: London on June 21 and Berlin on the 23. No French date has been announced...

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