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IVE travels the world for its first world tour!

For its first world tour, IVE travels to the four corners of the globe with more than thirty-two performances!

Groupe sud coréen IVE

It was in August last year that IVE, a promising new group from Starship Entertainment, revealed the first clues about their first world tour! This announcement, a few months before the celebration of its second anniversary, marks IVE's impact on the music industry. The group had just released its first full album, “I've IVE”, which sold more than 1.6 million copies in South Korea.

Launched on October 7 in Seoul, this first world tour includes more than thirty performances spread across nineteen countries and twenty-seven cities! A remarkable performance for the first time! The first four concerts, respectively in Seoul and Yokohama, were the only ones in 2023. The rest of the tour will take place in 2024 in four parts!

IVE will be present in Asia until March 3 inclusive with a concert in Taipei. Six exceptional evenings will follow in the United States from March 13 to 29. Then, after a break in April and May, the group will perform in Europe from June 4 to 16. This European visit will begin with a Parisian date in the famous AccorHotel Arena which can accommodate up to 20,000 spectators! Four other dates on our old continent are planned before a return to America with a visit to Mexico, Brazil and Chile before leaving for Asia and the Pacific. Two Australian dates are also planned before the finale on August 24 in Jakarta!

A busy schedule for the group and a major challenge: filling arenas with two years of career! The bet almost succeeded since in France, there are only a few places left for sale! Hurry up, the concert is likely to be sold out before the fateful date!


To be ready for June, you can now buy your official Lightstick from Asian Sound Concept:

Lightstick IVE


Official Release : January 2023

Price : 65,90€ VAT included

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