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NMIXX announces its comeback for March!

JYP Entertainment's new group, NMIXX, will make its comeback in March with its first EP!

NMIXX has just announced its next comeback! The girlsband from JYP Entertainment will return on March 20 with their first EP. Entitled "expérgo", it should bring hope and rebirth. Indeed, the poster as well as the teaser show an artificial heart that seems to come to life as flowers bloom there. The message "NMIXX brought rain in a desert called 'Reality'. The day when the rainbow rose upon the sky, our hearts began to beat. And inside our hearts, a flower blossomed. te expérgo." supports this hypothesis.

NMIXX made its debut just over a year ago with the release of "AD MARE" whose track "O.O" now exceeds 113 million streams on Spotify as well as 96 million views on YouTube. The band's last release, "Funky Glitter Christmas" dates back to late November. Finally, note that the girls will hold a comeback showcase on March 20 at YES24 LIVEHALL.

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