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Official debut for SM Entertainment's new group RIIZE!

SM Entertainment is officially launching the promotion of its new boy band, RIIZE, for its first release in early September!

A week after creating a surprise by announcing the upcoming debut of a new boy band, SM Entertainment is officially launching the promotion campaign around RIIZE's debut!

A contraction of the words "RIZE" and "REALIZE", RIIZE embodies the new boy group of the juggernaut of the South Korean music industry, SM Entertainment. Composed of seven members, the formation will make its official debut on September 4th with the release of its first single album, "Get A Guitar". If there is less than a month until its release, RIIZE is already on the bill of certain events! Indeed, the formation will perform on August 19 or 20 on the stage of the KCON Los Angeles festival alongside big names such as Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE or ATEEZ, but also younger ones like xikers or ZEROBASEONE. A golden opportunity for RIIZE to stand out and reach a wide audience.

To prepare for it, the formation has already released a first video, that of the performance of "Siren". For just over a minute, the members of RIIZE prove that the label's dance classes are still effective. We will note all the same a lack of originality, whether by the staging or the musical atmosphere. Explosive choreographies on a wild rhythm punctuated by rap lines... Like an air of deja vu. The video still ranks in the Top Trends, proof that the recipe still works!

"Get A Guitar" will be officially released on September 4th. In the meantime, the B-Side MV, "MEMORIES" will be available from August 21st and will be completed by the tickle track MV teaser on September 01st. Note, finally, that RIIZE will perform on September 23 in Jakarta on the occasion of SMTOWN Live.

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