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The 3rd mini-album from xikers!

In the middle of a European tour, xikers announces a third mini-album, “HOUSE OF TRICKY: TRIAL AND ERROR” for the beginning of March!

groupe sud coréen xikers

Almost a year after its debut, xikers continues its meteoric rise in the music industry by offering its fans, in a short time, a world tour and, in recent days, a new mini-album.

In the middle of a European tour, the KQ ENTERTAINMENT group offers its audience another surprise with a new comeback. A third mini-album entitled “HOUSE OF TRICKY: TRIAL AND ERROR” which will be released on March 8, 2024 with a promising tracklist.

This opus will consist of six songs: “Trial And Error”, “We Don’t Stop”, “Red Sun”, “Supercalifragilistic”, “온갖 맛이 나는 젤리” and “Break A Leg”. Some songs present in this new mini-album were written by certain members of the group: Minjae, Yechan or Sumin but also by their elder Hongjoong from the group ATEEZ who also contributed to the development of the musical productions of his younger siblings.

Despite a few photo teasers, there are currently no video teasers announced by KQ ENTERTAINMENT.


This album is available for pre-order on Asian Sound Concept :

jaquette xikers

Price : 25,90€ VAT included

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