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The first album of oceanfromtheblue!

Korean R'n'B artist, oceanfromtheblue, has just released his first full-album!

oceanfromtheblue, songwriter in the R'n'B universe, released his first full-album on February 2nd. This album, with the eponymous title, follows the production of several EPs which allowed him to make a name for himself on the music scene, and to attract the attention of a Korean and international public! His EP, "Messages", released in 2021 reached No. 1 on the Apple Music Korea RnB/Soul chart, and he had the chance to perform in Europe in March 2022 alongside GSOUL and Woogie at a Cult Of Ya event.

"oceanfromtheblue" contains no less than twelve tracks, three of which are already known to the public: "Come Back Home (feat. Yeeung)", which is approaching half a million plays on Spotify, "Treasure" and "Scent". The first two were released in November 2022 when the last one is only a few weeks old. The choice of the eponymous title is justified by the common thread of this album which finds its inspiration in the state of mind and the moments of life of the artist. Its R'n'B essence is particularly present there, but oceanfromtheblue succeeds in giving it a whole panel of personalities by associating it with pop, disco, funk or even alternative melodies. His latest asset was to partner with producers and artists, including Jang Yeeun (CLC), who were able to add their own personalities for an authentic result.

A rising figure in the Korean R'n'B scene since his debut in 2018, oceanfromtheblue is definitely a personality that will catch the attention of fans in 2023!

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