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The Rose returns to Europe for seventeen concerts!

Building on the success of its previous tour, the South Korean rock group, The Rose, returns in the spring for a full tour of Europe!

groupe sud coréen The Rose

February 2023... The group The Rose sets the stage at the Bataclan (Paris 11) on fire during the Paris date of its fourth European tour. In front of nearly 2,500 people, the four musicians demonstrate that South Korean rock deserves its place on the music market. After a acclaimed performance at Main Square last July in Arras, The Rose announces its big return to Europe for spring 2024!

This new tour, "The Rose DAWN TO DUSK", includes both Asian and European dates. For our old continent, no less than seventeen concerts will punctuate this new stage in the career of the quartet. That's three more dates than last year... A first proof of The Rose's notoriety. Second proof: the group is now taking on the challenge of filling rooms with capacities twice as high.

In France, the Parisian date is planned at the Zénith de Paris on April 4, with a maximum capacity of 6,500 people... That is 4,000 more than the Bataclan! The bet has already almost been won by The Rose since there are only a few VIP pit seats left available for sale. For latecomers, now is not the time to hesitate!

Also note that The Rose has just been announced during the famous Coachella, which will be held in the United States in April. The group will take over the stage on Saturday April 13 and 20.

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