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Discovering TE.O!

Young artist from the South Korean R'n'B scene, TE.O agreed to get to know his French audience through a first European interview.

Young artist from the South Korean R'n'B scene, TE.O agreed to get to know his French audience through a first European interview. The singer has just released a new song, "Payphone", on February 17th. The opportunity for our team to meet him and introduce him to you!


KRM - Hello TE.O! Thank you for granting us this interview. Could you present yourself to the French and European public?

TE.O - Hello, I am TE.O, a Korean singer-songwriter.

KRM - A few days ago, on February 17, you made your first comeback of 2023 with the title “Payphone”. Can you introduce us to this new title? What is his story ?

TE.O - My new song "Payphone" is a jazz & R'n'B piece, and the title is related to a public telephone in the street. Recently I had a situation where my phone was broken so I had to use a public phone. I thought using a payphone would be a good idea for my song, so I decided to create this song based on that experience.

KRM - “Payphone” mixes an R'n'B base with jazzy sounds and a retro touch that can be seen on the MV. What are your musical influences? How does this mix of sounds represent you?

TE.O - I think my musical influences are a mixture of pop, R&B and hip-hop music. The musical idea for "Payphone" comes from my friend, Siu, who produced the song with me.

He suggested I try a jazzy R'n'B style. And I accepted. It's hard to explain that this is what represents my music because I like to experiment with different styles and bring my own sound.

KRM - When we go back and listen to your various releases, there is a very positive feeling that emerges. “BOMB” or even “PARADISE” both speak of love and convey a positive feeling. Unlike “Paint over” released last year. How do you compose your titles? What inspires you to write your songs?

TE.O - Sometimes I jot down titles or themes for songs I want to create. Sometimes I come up with a title first and then create the melody, while other times I create the melody first and then decide on the title. For my music, I draw my inspiration from various sources, including my daily life, films, books and my imagination.

KRM - Before debuting solo, you were part of two groups. Why did you choose a solo career? Is it easier for you to express yourself alone?

TE.O - Everyone had the chance to do solo activities. Eventually, the solo activities for all of us were much more appealing than when we were in a group, and we split up as to each show our style. I think it represents me better because I express myself fully solo.

KRM - And what made you want to pursue a career in the music industry?

TE.O - Nothing special. I have loved music since I was little. So I decided to do it.

KRM - Were your first years of career disrupted by the coronavirus crisis? Some bands and artists have had to put their careers on hold. How did you experience this period?

TE.O - As an independent musician, I have focused only on preparing my personal albums, so it is true that the pandemic has made it difficult to attempt any outside activities. However, since I didn't have any planned activities at the start (concerts, shows, etc.), I can't say that I was greatly touched. Like everyone around the world, I have experienced disruptions and difficulties in my daily life due to the effects of the pandemic.

KRM - Today that the world is opening up again, we are seeing a strong development of the Korean music industry internationally. Do you want to perform on European and American stages one day?

TE.O - Everything is possible, I absolutely want to create opportunities.

KRM - You have already made some collaborations. Which artists would you like to collaborate with and why (Korean as well as international)?

TE.O - All artists are welcome. I want to collaborate with domestic artists who are R'n'B singers or rappers, as well as foreign artists.

KRM - As 2023 has just begun, what are your plans for the coming months?

TE.O - Although making ends meet on a daily basis is difficult, I plan to release albums regularly.

KRM - To conclude this interview, do you have a few words to share with our readers who are discovering you today?

TE.O - Please listen to my music, seek it out and give me lots of attention and love.



Many thanks to TE.O and Laury for making this interview possible.

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