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Interview of KISU before its European tour!

Some weeks before his first world-tour, KISU succeed to take time to answer our questions. From his memories of being a member of 24K and 4K bands until his debuts as a solo artist and the coronavirus crisis, the young man introduce itself as he really is : genuine and caring, just like his musical universe.

KRM – Hello KISU, thank you for taking time to answer us. To start, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

KISU – Hello, it's KISU, a South Korean singer. Nice to meet you!

KRM – You started your career ten years ago being a member of 24K and 4K bands. How did you start in music world? And why did you choose to become a singer?

KISU – Originally, I didn't want to be a singer. Younger, my dream was rather become a teacher in elementary school. However, when I was in college, I went to karaoke with friends. It's at this moment I started to find singing interesting. Sing during festivals at school was something really funny to do. At this time I loved so much sing that I thought it could be a great idea to work in music industry. I spoke about it to my parents but they didn't agree. After a long time, I succeed to convince them and I changed my professional orientation when I was on third year of high school. I worked hard to enter in a music university. Then when I saw a friend who practiced a lot to go on a good school, become solo singer, I thought that I want to do too... Be on a big stage. After several auditions, I managed to debut with 24K.

KRM – Your solo debuts was in 2017 with "Sweet Lie". Why did you choose to start a solo career? Was it a challenge or a personal need? Maybe to be more authentic?

KISU – When we worked at 24K's promotion, I always had doubts. It was like something was missing and it pushed me to question myself on my strengths and qualities. And the only thing I can do was to go on the training room at dawn, to sing and write my own songs. Some years after, our label asked us if some members was interested to release a solo album et if some had songs to propose. I muster my courage and I made them listen to the songs I was prepared from years. Even the CEO wanted to do a solo album with my songs! The first idea was to produce an hip hop album with the members of MIXNINE. I'll be the ballad singer and the two others members bring their qualities as rapper and dancer. But when they was eliminated from MIXNINE, things changed. My album was already in production, so we continued. I think it's the moment where things really changed for me!

KRM – Now, ten years after, what are your feelings? What could you say to the young KISU if you could meet he?

KISU – I will tell him to love the band's members and to cherish them. I always take care of members as with family or childs. At some point, I worked very hard. And time flying, I think a lot of these members and I believe I can go further. Maybe this is the feeling of surpassing itself for somebody?

KRM – Your last single, "Will be fine", was released some months ago. It's a song that wants to be reassuring. What's its message ? What are the feelings that you wanted to share?

KISU – Because of the coronavirus crisis, many people have suffered and are still struggling. I'm aware of it. So I wanted to send people the message that everything was going to end and things were going to be better.

KRM – At the same time, you announced your first solo world tour. Unfortunately, due to the international context, it had to be postponed. How did you experience this setback?

KISU – I was both angry and so sad because of the coronavirus and the war. But, for all the fans waiting for me, I took my troubles patiently. It's complicated, but I thought of my fans first!

KRM – You'll be back in Paris on September 24th. You already came in 2017 with 24K. What are your memories?

KISU – I remember our performance at La Machine du Moulin Rouge! I was so happy and excited! I also remember the places in Paris where I would go jogging in the morning. The tears and screams of the fans never left me. In 2017, Paris was the last date of the 24K tour. It's therefore a special place for me in which I have precious memories.

KRM – Your French fans are looking forward to meeting you in just over a month. Do you have a few words for them to wait?

KISU – Dear fans, I missed you so much! The day when I will finally be able to meet you all has finally arrived! I hope we can spend unforgettable moments together! Please come see me on September 24th.

« Il n’y a pas de hasard, il n’y a que des rendez-vous » (Paul ELUARD)


Redaction : Cyrielle

Thanks to KISU & Beyond Ent.

Pictures : KISU & BEYOND Ent.

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