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IVE announces the release of its second EP for the end of the month!

While the group is preparing their first appearance on French soil in June, IVE is keeping them waiting with the release of a second EP.

Groupe sud coréen IVE

It was in 2021 that the six young women debuted under the Starship Entertainment label as IVE. Only one year later, the group received the Grand Prix for song of the year with their title “Love Dive” at the MMA and MAMA AWARDS. Then last year with the album of the year at MMA with his first studio album, "I've IVE".

To stay in the year 2023, IVE announces its very first world tour, “SHOW WHAT i HAVE”, with its French appearance on June 4. But until then, the young women have decided to make you wait with the release of a new opus.

The group's second EP will be released on April 29. For the moment, only its name, “IVE SWITCH”, has been revealed. A promotional schedule should be shared in the coming days.

Note that “IVE SWITCH” is already available for pre-order from AsianSoundConcept:

Jaquette Comeback IVE

Jaquette Comeback IVE

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