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Meeting with BRIDEAR!

On October 3rd, the female quintet BRIDEAR took over the stage at the Boule Noire (Paris). The opportunity for them to find their French audience after more than eighteen months of a pandemic. The KARAOME team thus had the chance to speak with the five musicians that we hope to see, soon, again!

KRM - To begin, can you please introduce yourself and explain to us what led you to make music?

KIMI (Vo.) - BRIDEAR is an international female hard-rock/metal band. I discovered the world of music when I was younger after seeing the Japanese band SEX MACHINEGUNS on stage. I then realized that I wanted to be on stage too, that's why I started making music and I started a band. It was in 2012 that BRIDEAR was officially formed!

KRM - Your band has evolved since its beginnings. But can you explain to us how BRIDEAR was born? And why did you choose this name? It seems to be a mix between the English words Bride and Dear.

HARU (Ba&Ch.) - I met KIMI through music and we decided to create an all-female band together! That's how it started. We wanted a feminine name, so we mixed Bride and Dear among the multitude of names we had selected. This is how we invented BRIDEAR.

KRM - Your musical influences are really diverse. How do you create a new song? And how do you find the perfect balance between your respective influences?

KIMI - Each member makes their own demos, then asks the other members or the producers to arrange them so that they stick to the ideas. Everyone likes different music, and I believe that this diversity is the result of a perfect fusion between what we all love. The balance is achieved through the final arrangements.

KRM - Ayumi and Natsumi are the latest to join the band. Why did you agree to join BRIDEAR?

AYUMI (Gt.) - I joined BRIDEAR first. I met KIMI when my previous band went on hiatus. The timing coincided with the proposal to join BRIDEAR. All the members were very inspired musically and I wanted to work with them.

NATSUMI (Dr.) - When I listened to BRIDEAR's music, I immediately liked it. And the first time we played together, I was so impressed with the sound and the vibe we had created that I wanted to join them.

KRM - Your band started in 2012 a,d became major in 2019. How has BRIDEAR evolved during these years? Did you change anything in your compositions by becoming a major?

HARU - Since the beginning, we haven't changed the importance given to an intense melody. But, our range of arrangements has grown. It's now more sophisticated. I think we have become more accomplished composers and arrangers!

KRM - “Ghoul” is written entirely in Japanese. Conversely, your latest productions are in English. How do you decide in which language you will sing?

KIMI - I usually write in Japanese because I like the tonality of Japanese. But I chose to write some songs in English because I want them to be heard by people from other countries. It increases the range of our music.

KRM - Concerning your last releases, two tracks marked us. The first is "Day Break". This is also one of your most viewed MVs on YouTube! In this song, you often repeat the phrase "We run into the world to keep shining", while the clip is rather dark. What message did you want to share?

KIMI - The main theme of "Day Break" is embarking on a new journey. And I hope everyone can feel the video as the start of that journey. A way to reach the light. We begin in the shadows and the darkness to be led towards hope.

KRM - “BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED” is the second MV we wanted to discuss. We can see images of Japan and the world. Our world has just changed because of the health crises and because of problems specific to each one... But in this piece, you ask us to "keep our fist and fight". To fight agains whom or what?

KIMI - Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, I have the feeling that in Japan, entertainment isn't something necessary. And that oppresses us. This is what we are fighting against!

HARU - I believe that our lives have really changed because of this epidemic. However, I think we have to face this situation and move forward. In the music world, it's been so frustrating to see concerts cancelled. But we didn't give up! This is how we're able to do this European tour!

KRM - Since September 30, you're back in Europe. How does it feel to be back?

KIMI - There are so many more fans who came to see us than on previous occasions! We're so happy to be back. Many people come to see us after the concerts, and that encourages us to give the best of ourselves!

HARU - I'm so happy to be on tour! We're already looking forward to being able to return as soon as possible. This tour gave us a lot of inspiration. There were so many challenges to overcome to organize it. We're able to do this with the help of members and many people. This is a great strength for BRIDEAR. The smiles on the faces of the people who came to see us but also of the members and the staff really marked us! It made me realize that Japanese people and foreigners have the same desire to be able to enjoy music again.

MISAKI (Gt.) - It's like a dream come true again! That's how I feel! Conversely, when we land in Japan in October 13, I will feel like I have stepped out of my dream.

AYUMI - I was really happy to see that everyone was so nice and welcoming. The concerts were really exciting, which is not easy in Japan right now because of the restrictions.

NATSUMI - I was able to do concerts in places I hadn't been to before. I think it reinforced my belief that it's better to have fun and live than to be nervous and anxious about ghosts. It strengthened me physically and mentally.

KRM - From your beginnings, you came abroad. Why so early?

HARU - Our music is heavily influenced by international metal bands, and we wanted BRIDEAR to reach Europe.

KRM - 2022 will be BRIDEAR's tenth anniversary year. Did you prepare anything special. Can uou tell us something?

KIMI - I'm surprised it's been so long already! I don't have anything in mind at the moment... I'm thinking of something... I hope it will be cool!

KRM - To conclude this exchange, do you have a few words to address to our readers?

KIMI - Thank you for reading us and for your interest in us. We are so happy. We'll definitely be back in the near future. So please come see us. I'm sure it will be more fun than you can imagine!

HARU - We'll be back, so please wait for us!

MISAKI - To all of you who follow us from abroad: thank you for everything! Thank you for the success of this tour! If you're interested in BRIDEAR, don't hesitate to buy the "Bloody Bride" CD, and listen to it!

AYUMI - Cant' wait to see us live again! Let's have more fun together!

NATSUMI - I want as many people as possible to be able to smile thanks to our music. We want to be the driving force behind the dreams and hopes of people who want to achieve something. We appreciate all this international support. Come see us the next time we come!

The entire KARAOME team would like to thank BRIDEAR, Setsuzoku Records and Orion Live for making this interview possible.


Redaction : Ysa & Cyrielle

Thanks to Setsuzoku Records & BRIDEAR

Pictures : BRIDEAR & Gaëlle PONS

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