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Meeting with Choi Su Hwan!

A little over a month after the release of his second digital single, «NEW HERO», Choi Su Hwan agreed to indulge in his very first French interview. The opportunity for us, and of course you, to discover the short, but not less promising, career of this young singer. Between questioning and the desire to challenge himself, Choi Su Hwan discovers himself and allows us to discover him!

KRM - We discovered you in 2019 during your participation in PRODUCE X 101”. You made your solo debuts just over a year ago. Could you introduce yourself to our readers and describe your musical universe?

CSH - My name is Choi Su Hwan. I started as a freelance trainee on the show Produce X 101, and today I work as a solo artist. In the future, I want to challenge myself by having several facets rather than just one. I also want to show my fans that I can make great music in many different genres.

KRM - You participated in PRODUCE X 101 as an independent trainee. How were you selected to participate in such a show? Wasn't it a huge challenge to go independent?

CSH - Originally, I went to the audition at an audition session in Suncheon because I wanted to become an idol. When I turned 19, I gave up the auditions to try to pass the entrance exam to enter the academy. A manager from CJ was present and came to see me to offer me to participate in the show as a freelance trainee. At the time, I thought it was my last chance to succeed, so it was a huge challenge!

KRM - You were eliminated on the 11th show, in 28th place. What lessons have you learned from your participation? Wasn't being eliminated after eleven participations too hard?V

CSH - Although I was eliminated in the 28th place, I was able to achieve a lot. My participation was both an opportunity and a personal challenge. It allowed me to grow! And I learned there that when you don't give up, when you persevere, opportunities come your way. And then, I met fans there too!

KRM - In 2020, you're coming back to the fore by creating your own label, Lynna Entertainment. You are then 19 years old. What motivated you and allowed you to get started at such young age?

CSH - After the show, I had interviews with different labels and each time, they had the same speech. That of saying that I was fit to fo solo. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any labels as most where looking to start a band. At that time, I was in my third year of high school. The question of my entry to university was also a problem. Since Produce X 101, I have been surrounded by the person who works with me today on Lynna Entertainment. I was who, at the time, suggested that I create a YouTube channel. So I launched SWANTA TV. He also suggested that I join the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. Institut that I attend now. As we overcame the situations and the problems, I managed to create the independent label in which I evolve today.

KRM - What are your ambitions with this label? Do you plan to produce other artists in the next few years? If so, have you ever thought about the guideline of your label? In terms of musical genre, universes?

CSH - Lynna Entertainment is a label that produces its own works. I work on mixing different musical genres, so there are no plans to produce other K-pop artists. However, it's possible that artists from other fields (composers, designers, writers...) join me. Lynna Entertainment isn't just a music label.

KRM - In order to make your first single, "Starry Nigh", you launched a fundraising campaign in April 2020. You also explained that no matter the amount, it would still allow you to produce your piece, and that it was a tool to deal with health crises. Wasn't a risky bet to launch into the midst of an epidemic?

CSH - As you can imagine, working as a freelancer presents many difficulties. The same goes for the financial aspect. However, no matter how much money I raised through fundraising, I wanted to continue making music. And the CEO of Lynna Entertainment shared that thought. So we decided to make this music independent of fundraising. Of course, because of the Covid-19 crisis, there are a lot of things we couldn't do. It was something really risky! Still, I'm sure it was better than doing nothing. I believe it's a form of investment for the future.

KRM - You made you solo debuts with "Starry Night" in August 2020. It's a soft track with great strength. One might think, at first glance, of a ballad where old memories come back to you. However, you can see the book "The Catcher in the rye". This book is particularly well known and deals with adolescence, this uncertain age in which drift is quickly possible. Is there a connection between these memories, this book and yourself, who has just come out of adolescence?

CSH - "Starry Night" is a love song but it has a second side. It's a story I tell myself. This is a message that I address personally! I must not lose myself in my race to make music. There is this young boy who started music because he lover it unconditionally. Today, I want to be able to grow by talking about myself and creating my own music. It's in this sense that there is a connection with the book "The Catcher in the rye".

KRM - A few days ago, you announced your comeback with the release of “New Hero”. Why did you wait a year before releasing a new track?

CSH - As I said before, since I work independently, the process of making a new song is more complicated for me. So I apologize for keeping you waiting all this time! Moreover, the processes of creating a ballad and a more danceable song are different. Unlike "Starry Night", which came out a year ago, I had to pay more attention to "New Hero" because it's a more pop song. And since I participated in the production phase by writing the lyrics myself, it took longer.

KRM - “New Hero” is produced in collaboration with rapper Layone. How did you meet and how did the idea of working together came about?

CSH - Layone is studying at the same university as me. He's a friend I first met in college. We went to class together and got to know each other when we're together. I'm really grateful to him!

KRM - The universe is radically different from "Starry Night". This universe mixed with your collaboration with Layone promises us a track perhaps more R'n'B. Can you tell us a bit more about it? What is the message behind this title? And who is this new hero?

CSH - "New Hero" is the continuation of the "Starry Night" story. This is the story of this young man who started making music but who is having difficulty knowing what to do with it and how to approach the future. For those who are afraid, this track teaches us that we must not be afraid and that we must get up, even if we fall. It means that everyone is a hero, and we are all someone's heroes. The new hero is you!

KRM - Beyond your own productions, you have posted a number of covers on your YouTube channel, including titles from other artists. Like BTS, or Day6. What drives you to interpret a song? Is it only songs that touched you personally?

CSH - On YouTube, I mainly cover songs that I learned during my training or that I personally like. This is why the majority of the songs come from older bands. Lately, I've been a big fan of IU's "My Sea" and also Park Hyo-Shin's "Home". These are difficult songs, but I always train with a strong mindset.

KRM - Our exchange is your first French interview. It may be a little early to think about it, but at a time when Korean music is crossing borders, do you plan to perform internationally? On a French stage perhaps?

CSH - I'm so happy that there ares fans in France who appreciate me! Our languages and our cultures are different, so I'm always pleasantly surprised to know that there are people who like my music and who are waiting for me. Just thinking about the possibility of singing and dancing on a French stage makes me happy. As the CEO of Lynna Entertainment has suggested, I was originally supposed to come to France this year. I was supposed to go to Toulouse but because of the health crises, all the events were cancelled, and I couldn't go... If such events take place next year in France, I really want to come! See you soon!

KRM - To conclude, and although "New Hero" has just been released, can you tell us a few words about your future projects? Are you considering new collaborations? If so, with which artists? Are you already working on a first album, or a mini-album?

CSH - My next song is already in preparation. I planned to write lyrics myself. Unfortunately, I don't plan to collaborate on this song. And if possible, I would very much like to be able to make a mini-album. I hope to have such luck soon.

KRM - Finally, can you say a final word to our French readers who are (re)discovering you today?

CSH - Hello! This is the solo artist, Choi Su Hwan. I work hard every day to be able to show you the artist that I am. Not only the singer and the dancer, but also the composer and choreographer. Please look forward to my future development and thank you for your attention.

The entire KARAOME team wanted to sincerely thank Choi Su Hwan and his manager for their time, their availability and the quality of the answers provided.


Redaction : Cyrielle Pons

(c) Pictures : Lynna Entertainment

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