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ONEWE, in full, is back with a third mini-album!

After more than a year of waiting, ONEWE fans have reason to rejoice as the band is preparing its next comeback!

Groupe sud coréen ONEWE

With Yonghoon and Kanghyun having just finished their military service, it's time for ONEWE to make a full comeback! While the group's last release, "Timeless", dates back a little less than two years, ONEWE is working on a new mini-album!

Entitled “Planet Nine: ISOTOPY”, it will be officially distributed from April 17. Concluding the “Planet Nine” series started almost three years ago with “ALTER EGO”, and extended by “VOYAGER” in early 2022, this opus will present a new facet of ONEWE without the group losing its own identity. .

This third mini-album will contain no less than six tracks including the title song "Beautiful Ashes" of which a few excerpts have already been revealed, fueling fans' impatience for ONEWE's comeback.

Planet Nine: ISOTOPY” is available for pre-order from AsianSoundConcept, both in classic version and in POCA version.

Jaquette comeback ONEWE

Jaquette comeback ONEWE

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