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PURPLE KISS returns with its sixth mini-album!

Six months after the release of their last single, “FESTA”, the group PURPLE KISS returns with the announcement of their sixth mini-album!

Groupe sud coréen Purple Kiss

With the arrival of spring, PURPLE KISS has decided to put friendship at the heart of its new album! Indeed, a sixth mini-album will be released on March 19. Entitled “BXX”, it will contain no less than six new songs, including the title track, “BBB”. The title of this opus comes from the acronym "BFF" meaning "Best Friend Forever", and readjusted with the two X's of the female chromosomes. Proof of the bond that unites the six members, more than a year after the departure of Park Ji-Eun due to health concerns.

This new release comes six months after the release of “FESTA”, the latest single from PURPLE KISS, carried by the title “7HEAVEN”, which today exceeds 6 million views on YouTube. Enough to boost the group and the fans for this new chapter. The promotion is underway and the photo concepts have already been revealed. Mixing soft, feminine atmospheres but also rock and street, these first clues suggest a multi-faceted mini-album.

For those who are more impatient, the first teaser MV will be shared tomorrow, March 12, while the second will be revealed on Saturday the 16th.


This album is available for pre-order from our partner AsianSoundConcept:

Jaquette BXX groupe Purple Kiss


Price : 26,90€ VAT included

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