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The first official steps of ILLIT!

HYBE ENTERTAINMENT's new group, ILLIT, will officially debut on March 25!

Groupe sud coréen ILLIT

Originally consisting of six members, HYBE ENTERTAINMENT's new group ILLIT, now has only five members following Youngseo's amicable departure. From now on, ILLIT will evolve with Yuna, Minju, Moka, Wonhee and Iroha.

The group announced the pre-debut schedule on February 27, promising its fans a start full of magic and enchantment with an Instagram publication featuring the visuals of an anime and that of a starry sky. Entitled “SUPER REAL ME”, this first colorful mini-album seems to be a dose of sweetness to enjoy at the start of spring.

From the photo concept to the MV teaser, ILLIT gives free rein to the imagination of its fans to keep them waiting until the big day of the official release.


This album is available for pre-order from our partner Asian Sound Concept:

Jaquette ILLIT débuts SUPER REAL ME

Price : 25,90€ VAT included

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