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The full return of DAY6 after three years!

Three years after the release of their seventh mini-album, the DAY6 quartet returns in full force with a new opus for this spring!

Groupe sud coréen DAY6

For three years, DAY6 fans have been counting the days until the group's return! Indeed, since the end of 2021, the four members have successively begun their military services. Young K was the first to enlist, on October 12, 2021, while Wonpil was the last to return, at least last November. To keep their fandom waiting, the members took the lead and produced solo opuses. Thus Young K released a mini-album in 2021 as well as an album in 2023... Doowin released a single at the end of 2021...

Five months after Wonpil's return, DAY6 is announcing its comeback! Announced on March 4, the band's eighth mini-album will be officially released on March 18. Entitled “FOUREVER”, this opus will contain no less than 7 songs, most of which were written by Young K himself. It will be carried by the title song “Welcome to the Show”, whose MV teasers will be released on March 16 and 17. A double promotional concert will also be organized on April 12 and 14.


This album is available for pre-order from our partner Asian Sound Concept:

Jaquette FOUREVER groupe sud coréen DAY6

Official Release : March 18, 2024

Price : 25,90€ VAT included

Jaquette FOUREVER groupe sud coréen DAY6



Plateform Version

Official Release : March 18, 2024

Price : 17,90€ VAT included

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