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THE NEW SIX is making its comeback in full!

More than a year after the announcement of Junhyeok's hiatus, THE NEW SIX (TNX) announces its big comeback with a complete line-up!

Groupe sud coréen THE NEW SIX

With a significant debut in spring 2022, THE NEW SIX, P NATION's latest boyband, aroused the enthusiasm and impatience of fans. His first mini-album, "Way Up", was propelled to the forefront of fans thanks to the title track, "비켜 (MOVE)", which currently has over 18 million views on YouTube. However, a few months later, member Junhyeok had to suspend his activities due to health reasons. As a five-piece, THE NEW SIX will continue its activities in 2023 by producing two new mini-albums, "Love Never Dies", and "Boyhood"... However, none of the MVs will reach the level of the group's first production.

The tide is turning and it is through a poster reconstituting a face in which we guess six personalities that THE NEW SIX announces its big return in full! Junhyeok returns after a year! This comeback will be in the form of a digital single which will be released on March 20. Titled "FUEGO", fire in Spanish, it proves THE NEW SIX's determination to continue to make a place for themselves on the music scene!

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